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Once the franchisee qualification is determined, the following form of cooperation will be completed: 
1,The  company for the franchisee in proportion to the distribution cargo, the franchisee will remit to the excess money to join the company designated account before the 5th day of each month.
Twelve months is a cycle,franchisee shall pay the full amount at the end of the 12th month(including the distribution of funds).
Franchisee may enjoy the award and the next cycle will be performed according to the new agreement.
2,The franchisee will need to replenish the goods within three months(Three months is a cycle),No less than five items per shipment, If less than five pieces, the freight will be borne by yourself.
If the franchisee does not have replenishment within the specified period, the company can adjust the goods according to the needs of franchisee(but only once).
If the franchisee does not have replenishment in two cycles(half a year),the company will have the right to disqualify franchisee,To settle accounts with franchisee.
3, On product quality and after-sales service related questions, see the  company "product after-sales service Ordinance."

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